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;) And a huge thank you in advance to those who comment with advice for those looking to move here! As I approach my two year anniversary in Norway, I have realized that there are many things I wish I had known, whether it be in a general or specific manner, about Norway prior to moving here.

Of course, it would not have changed my plan to move here…it would have just made me more aware. I, along with Andrea from Inspiring Travellers, are here to share our list of 30 things you should know before moving to Norway.

Roux designs the line's menus and culinary program, and supervises training of the fleet's executive restaurant staff.

His award-winning culinary expertise and contributions quickly established Celebrity as a leader in offering guests an extraordinary dining experience at sea.

Welcome to the most northerly network of live webcams in the UK, thoughtfully located in key viewing points throughout Shetland to capture nature and island life as it happens.

Be inspired by the breathtaking views from the top of Sumburgh Lighthouse, see what’s happening on the streets of Lerwick, watch the harbour traffic at Victoria Pier, get up close with stunning seabird colonies on the cliffs (and sneak a peek inside our puffin burrow cam), or look back at our incredible collection of aurora footage.

Celebrity Cruises was founded in 1989 with the objective of fulfilling the travel industry's need for a high-quality, premium cruise product at an intelligent price.

We've learned to map out our cabin in advance and embark with as little carry-ons as possible. It's rare and can only be attributed to pure luck that you will get an elevator to stop on your floor, much less have room for you and your family to step on.The first ships introduced to the Celebrity fleet - Horizon and Zenith - successfully combined contemporary design elements with the elegant icons of traditional cruising.The next generation of Celebrity ships, the Century-class - Century, Galaxy and Mercury - reinforced the line's reputation for integrating high style, spacious interiors, attention to detail, and a commitment to innovative technological applications to enhance guest convenience, comfort, recreation and safety While the line's adherence to a traditional dress code (two formal and two informal nights on a seven-night cruise), music library, dedicated chess area, floral conservatory, and subdued décor might suggest otherwise, these are actually quite upbeat ships, with eagerly frequented casinos, floor shows, cabaret lounges, and piano bars.BUT…Norwegians have a reputation for trolling the internet hiding behind fake email address and identities and writing nastygrams to bloggers. Leave a real email address (it is private and only I can see it) and name, even if just a first name.If you leave a fake email address, the spam folder catches the comment and I delete amongst the thousand others I receive daily unknowingly.In addition, if your comment has insane usage of curse words in it with hateful xenophobic comments, I will spare you the embarrassment and just delete it myself.


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