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Actually, one of them has pretty loud sex every once in a while, so I’m he has a girlfriend. If I found out one of them broke up with their girlfriend, however, my only reaction would be that I was 1) surprised they girlfriend in the first place and 2) surprised they’re sharing this info with me in the first place.

Clearly, I am a far worse person than one guy who noticed his neighbor’s girlfriend moving out of their apartment the other day because instead of doing literally nothing about it (like I would have done), this neighbor left him a note AND MONEY.

If a woman comes in between them, they drop her since Bromance is considered to be a lot more important than a hoe.2) A bro shall honor his family A bro shall honor his father, mother, siblings, wife and kids.

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The bro code is an unspoken set of rules that define what it is to be a bro and how a bro must act in the presence of other bros.Chris reportedly doesn’t think so and considered this a violation of the bro code?The incident inspired us to examine other cases where celebrities may have gone against rule #2.It’s not the kind of relationship they have with girls or even with their own biological brother, but that unspoken and “no homo” kind of love between “bros.” Is it really a surprise there are bro code rules only guys know?Brohood is a kind of bond that explains how bros get away with trading insults as a form of a greeting, get along despite all the dangerous and embarrassing pranks they pull on each other, and how they still share a beer and laugh immediately after a fist fight. A bro is many things, but a bro is not an ordinary guy friend.The modern man was therefore forced to create rules that would govern how he associates with his boys.


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