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I know that people like the extra publicity and it reaches farther, but yeah... You may be at any skill level to submit here and the artwork will almost always be accepted through. Christmas is only 6 days away, and many haven't either started or have no intention of doing so.

All styles are accepted, and you are free to upload as many deviations as you want to. We want to give every artist an opportunity to showcase as much of their work as possible. Seriously if you have no intentions of even drawing anything notify her as well.

But do keep in mind for future ref how unfair it is that you might be receiving a picture and there will be someone else left out because you didn't give one.Almost the literal spitting image of her mother, Kurumu Kurono has light ocean blue hair, which is tied back with a purple maid headband that has one gold star on the left side.She has deep purple eyes and thick long black eyelashes and also has big breasts which she takes great pride in.But while this part of the class was difficult, it was also the part of the class I enjoyed most because it wasn't just rote moves at the bar -- it required grace and style to pull off, not just physicality.Since I don't own any ballet shoes or attire, I did the class barefoot and wore leggings and a tight shirt.I have done 3 secret santas ever, and for 2 I never got something but gave it.


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