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#1: Peavey Delta Blues 0 new, used from 0 to 0 Lush reverb and tremolo, a quartet of EL 84’s a very nice sounding tight Eminence 15″ guitar speaker.This is one of the only affordable 15 inch speaker guitar amps that is not a steel guitar amp. When they first came out they were using Chinese power tubes and they sounded good.Peavey told me awhile back that 6 months of steady use and you should change the tubes. #2: Gibson Lab Series Used price- 0 or less These Moog designed amps were very well made and quite dependable, but probably misunderstood for its time.Lots of different eq settings were available, which made many guitarists feel (yours truly included) a bit overwhelmed. RCA RADIOTRON #46 RADIO TUBES MADE IN USA THESE RCA TUBES ARE ORIGINAL NOS TUBES QUANITY 2. BUYER PAYS SHIPPING, CHECKS MUST WAIT 10 DAYS BEFORE SHIPPING. CHEVY 60 IMPALA "ORIGINAL" GUAGE CLUSTER NO RESERVE! 437 volts); this may have gotten higher after 1971, but into the summer of 1971 I'd expect the plate voltages on 6CA7s to be down substantially from the YBA-1A; have the chassis sliding-in ala Fender.Last versions have that easily identified rubber and 'chrome' molding running around each end of the head cabinet; mine is from 1971 and is this last version; 1972 models have no choke; [a 1978 is] black with the black plastic fabric and [has] the baby bumper trim, [it has] two 6CA7 and three 12AX7A tubes in it [and] no fuse holder, just a red reset button I put Mullard EL34s in my YBA-1.

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The top and back are bound with faux tortoise plastic and the rosette is a simple black-white purfling arrangement, BWBWB. As ukes from this period do not carry serial numbers, precise dating is difficult if not impossible.

Visit the Deering Banjos website to learn more about the new Deering Clawgrass No. This example of a Martin Style 1 Soprano ukulele dates to the late 1940's or early 1950's. Martin guitar company is almost single-handedly responsible for what we know as the modern tenor ukulele and soprano ukulele.

As ukes from this period do not carry serial numbers, precise dating is difficult if not impossible. Taking advantage of the boom in ukulele popularity, Martin applied modern production methods and quality controls and most ukes now seen are based on the Martin models.

A 1967 YBA-1 is reported to feature a diode rectifier.

The used tubes are, as indicated in the amp: Two 6CA7s (replaceable by EL34s) and three 12AX7As (also called 7025s or ECC83s); plate voltages have always been a question on these units, but I think this may be largely because of confusion with the YBA-1A models that run VERY high plate voltages; most of the YBA-1 models probably come in somewhere /-450 volts (one has reported 425 volts on plate, another one ca.


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