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Drawing nude models is not weird or kinky or sexual or threatening in any way. If you can't stand the idea of me looking at naked people for extended periods of time, remember that you watch porn, which 5. Do not let it wreak its havoc on that which you create. The way you may collect video games or stamps or whatever it is you're into is how we collect pens.

I just might give you a long lecture on why you should never write any email in Comic Sans. Especially when that which you create is destined for my inbox.6. picky about the lighting and filters on everyone's Instagram photos.

Does an artist feel they'd be better understood, or their talents more appreciated by another artist?

Artistic people: Do you intentionally seek out other artistic/creative people?

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Artists are simply the vehicles that magnify the strangeness in humanity.

So if you’re up for a long drive down some roads you never knew existed, by all means get in that car.

Dating someone in the arts is no cake walk: in general, artists don’t really tend to be “salt of the earth people.” They can be moody and insecure, their work life can be volatile, they stay out late, they often don’t make money, they can be a little eccentric, etc., etc., etc.

So why would anyone in their right minds want to date one? Someone in the arts is used to long hours and little pay and slices of pizza scarfed down at 1 am and rehearsing in hallways and commuting by bus and doing things on the cheap.


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