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WHAT I DISLIKE IN MEN: Conceit, egotism and overdeveloped physique.When most people sign up for an online dating account, all they're looking for is someone to fall in love with.Turnoff #2: Poor communication skills Raise your hand if you’ve been this girl in your relationship past: your date/boyfriend said or did something you didn’t like, but instead of saying anything, you went along with it.You may have even said it was “fine.” But then at some point down the road, you got upset.A man hates when a woman shows up on a date and the first words out of her mouth involve some type of "male bashing." Why?He thinks you'll do the same thing to him after your date. TURNOFFS: People who talk too much and don’t know what they’re talking about.WHAT I LIKE IN MEN: They have to be over 6'2", have blond wavy hair and blue-green eyes, and be considerate, kind, and lovable.

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Luckily, a bunch of researchers have isolated the biggest deal-breaking turn-offs, so you can adjust accordingly, or you know, think about it, and stay exactly how you are because the human race is stubborn (turn-off number 10, FYI).We all know about those major deal breakers that send us running before a relationship has even had a chance to form.They could be practically perfect for you in every way, but you just can’t see past their terrible shoes/questionable haircut/nasally voice/*insert whatever really turns you off*.Maybe you even blew up at an inappropriate time, causing an argument that completely took your significant other off guard. Turnoff #3: Not playing fair From your initial encounter to your first date and beyond, guys pay attention to whether or not you’re playing fair.Most of us have been guilty of passive aggressive behavior at least once in our dating past. But when you repeat that kind of behavior over and over in any dating/relationship scenario, the only thing you’ll succeed at is sabotaging your efforts. If, for example, you always expect the guy to come to your side of town, pick you up, open your door, pay the check, drop you off, call you the next day, and in general placate your every need without you so much as lifting a finger, you’re not dating fairly.If you love being labeled a Drama Queen, keep talking trash about men.


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