Dating violence myths christine akiteng dating your ex review

Abuse occurs when the abuser exerts power and control over another.

MYTH: The target of the violence must be doing something to provoke the violence.

FACT: There are many reasons youth may stay in abusive relationship: fear, wanting to be loved and needed, having a partner may be important to a youth’s social status, believing the abuser’s apologies and promises to never do it again, peer pressure, loss of self-confidence, not recognizing what’s happening is abusive, and the impact of TV, music, movies and other forms of media that normalize violence.

Organizations like loveisrespect, Futures without Violence, and Break the Cycle have increased awareness and provided resources for teens.

Additionally, teens aren’t seeking out the help being offered.

In fact, less than 10% of teen victims report seeking help. Kids are being abused, resources are available, but the link between the two is missing. What follows are some myths about teen dating violence that may prevent youth from seeking help, or receiving help when they do reach out.

Less than 3 percent reported the incident to an authority figure such as a teacher, police officer or counselor. No Means Know : facts, warning signs, getting help, helping others and healthy dating relationships.

Choose Respect : promotes buildilng healthy dating relationships.


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