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A lot of times ex-lovers want to pick up where you left off, but that is the wrong move.

The relationship obviously didn’t work for a reason.

One of my friends took pity on me and decided to help me meet a man.

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But if you are actually in it for the long haul, you are putting your own heart on the line.

So while I eventually made it over the wall, my skirt did not.

We also didn’t have time to retrieve it as someone yelled “cops” and we all took off.

I sprinted down one of the busiest street in downtown Vancouver in my heels and lovely control top pantyhose over granny panties.

As we arrived at my date’s car I remember thinking “that was pretty fast.” As my girlfriend and I were driven to her neighborhood in record time and deposited half a block down from her house, I remember thinking “now THAT was pretty fast.” Michelle Lara Morgan To learn more about Michelle, visit the CLP Blog Tour Page for more stops on the tour, including reviews of her book, and a chance to buy Tripping Through.


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