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Like romantic relationships, friendships often reach a natural end.“You either change with the person and you grow together, or you grow apart,” Hewes explains.

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“Ex-Best” is a comedy about two women having to forge their individual identities after their friend “breakup” leaves them adrift in the adult world.“It read: If we’re still talking at the end of this, just know that I really love you and I’m really excited to be on this journey.”Now is a rich moment in pop culture for female duos mining their real-life friendships for material: Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer do it on .But nobody, Gettinger and Hewes tell me by phone, is taking a magnifying glass to an unfortunate but very real aspect of female friendship: that moment when it irredeemably implodes.And unlike with romantic entanglements, the friendship exit strategy is often murky.“[Sometimes] you just don’t answer each other’s phone calls, texts, or emails as much, and it kind of fades.Dimitri Uzi Olesky just won his war against the Ryan mob. But all's fair in love and war, and for now, he is the undisputed crime boss of Cuesta Verde.


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