Diego luna is dating

Luna and García Bernal starred in the critical acclaimed film Y tu mamá también (2001).

The king divided his territories between his sons on his death in 1035.His next role was in the telenovela El Abuelo y Yo (1992) with his childhood best friend, Gael García Bernal.In 1995, he played Laura León's troubled son Quique in the Mexican soap opera El premio mayor.By the succession of his grandson Sancho Garca in 995, the county included territory from the Cantabrian coast in the north to Seplveda in the south.It also disputed jurisdiction with the kings of Len over the areas around Saldaa, Palencia and Simancas to the west and with the kings of Navarre over Njera and lava to the east.The families of the counts in the county of Castile in the 9th and 10th centuries are shown in the document CASTILE & LEN COUNTS & KINGS.


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