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Hi Bob, Yes, your Goya G-30 is a genuine 53 year old Goya. That's why your Goya G-30 has the headstock with the central stripes and diamonds inlay, as the Mother Of Pearl Goya logo was introduced only some months later.Also the lacquer could have been protected by the case (some crazing of the laquer is common for old instruments).This all will add to the value of your rare guitar.In Spring 1959 Some 5-digit Goya's were produced, all starting with a 9 and labeled 'GOYA GUITARS INC., 10 N. The fingerboard is the standard version, as the longer fingerboard with 22 frets for the high strings was introduced a year later.The neck of your guitar will show the broad maple stripe in the middle.Do you even know what spontaneous combustion is, JD? One can find without much difficulty contemporary illustrations of men AND women publicly executed naked, such as in this example.


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