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On Tuesday, police in Tunisia released photos of two men identified as Rafkhe Talari and Bin Abdallah, though their connection to the deceased gunman Seifeddine Rezgui was not clear.

Another government minister, Lazhar Akremi, said late on Wednesday: "This is a group who were trained in Libya, and who had the same objective.

By Monique Jessen, Tonic When an arranged marriage fell through, Lilly the meerkat faced an uncertain and lonely future.

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Emma Roe, office manager and meerkat match-maker at the park is delighted with the pairing.Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi (centre) waves next to Lampedusa's mayor Bernardino De Rubeis (right) upon arrival in Lampedusa today.He promised to remove the 6,000 illegal immigrants on the overrun island 'within 60 hours' Berlusconi, the first Italian prime minister ever to have visited the island, tried to allay locals’ fears by assuring them he would do everything in his power to ‘restore the island’s paradise image’.The Tunisian government says it has detained eight suspects over the shooting of 38 people at a hotel in Sousse.A senior government official said 12 people had been arrested in total in the aftermath of the incident, which saw 23-year-old Sousse gunman Seiffedine Rezgui shot dead by police.Step forward the world’s first meerkat dating website.


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