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There will be up to eight different robots, who are dressed to look the part, employed to meet customer's desires.Bradley said: "Uniforms are going to be worn: nurse, police, student and secretary."And as he explains, sexual activity is the best way to start your morning, he said drawing on research."Everyone is drinking coffee daily," he said.It's all at the fingertips of the users on their smartphones or tablet.The beautiful cyborgs will chat to their lovers and be the ultimate tease, making them great companions.Matt explained: "Imagine you're at a bar, what do you do? "I want people to enjoy an engaging conversation with their robot."But hasty blokes don't worry, there's going to be a system to "bypass" the tease. He explained: "The robots will offer a different sexual experience to human sex."In the same way a vibrator offers a different sexual experience for a woman."The dolls can kiss you back with the aid of a Virtual Reality application that the brings the robots to life.

Each sex robot will be “made to order” with “customisable” personalities that “evolve” within the app.This week on the show we discover Disney princess lingerie, that Beef wants to be Freddie Mercury when he grows up and that Mrs. All in all its a voyage of discovery and entertainment this time out on...You may know Johnny hates jazz but did you also know Beef hates pandas? And yes, I just made an 80's pop reference to describe Beef's fear of sexual furry.Matt told Daily Star Online: "We want to create believable experiences which are literally out of this world."And perhaps every fellas' dream – there's an OFF switch.Users will be able to control their lovers moods and personalities using a cloud based application The Realbotix project.If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.


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