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The scissors cuts were actually slices about an inch apart. Amy a work colleague of mine was also with me as we lived in the same general direction and intended to hail a cab to get home.As anyone who knows Sydney trying to hail a cab after A morning at Obelisk Beach Sydney Harbour Many years ago we decided to visit Obelisk beach having visited it a few summers back with Maria a friend of ours on a busy hot weekend.Had a job where the customer had organised for their vehicle to be left at their mothers house as they were from out of town.Arrived around 9.00 and knocked on the door, a woman came out of a side room into The After Party Following a work Christmas Party, I met my wife Kay who had been at her work function to come home.I'm standing alone when a lady positions herself in front of me..say hello and talk about the band that's about to play and how crowded it is...PART 1: It's around midnight and I am horny, restless and cant sleep.


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