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Many people want to experience the thrill of calling an instant sex partner whenever they would like to get laid. and a month later, they are already hooking up on a regular basis.If dating for you means having a great time in bed, then you've come to the right site. No love, no commitments - they only do it for the purpose of having sex!In the presence of television executives and anchors, Trump whined about everything from NBC News reporter Katy Tur’s coverage of him to a photograph the news network has used that shows him with a double chin. For more than twenty minutes, Trump railed about “outrageous” and “dishonest” coverage. This is who he is, and this is who will be running the executive branch of the United States government for four years. When one participant pointed out that all Presidents and Presidential candidates believe they get bad press, Trump said, “Not Obama!

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Sitting at a large conference table and flanked by his top aides, including Stephen Bannon, Jared Kushner, Reince Priebus, and Conway, Trump also told the attendees that Mitt Romney, who had been an unvarnished critic during the campaign, now “desperately wants” to be Secretary of State under Trump.

The two men met at Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, over the weekend.

Rather, said one, “He is the same kind of blustering, bluffing blowhard as he was during the campaign.” Another participant at the meeting said that Trump’s behavior was “totally inappropriate” and “fucking outrageous.” The television people thought that they were being summoned to ask questions; Trump has not held a press conference since late July. He said that since the two met at the White House, two weeks ago, they have spoken twice on the phone.

Instead, they were subjected to a stream of insults and complaints—and not everyone absorbed it with pleasure. Toward the end of the campaign, it got to a point where I thought that the coverage was all about [Trump’s] flaws and problems. When I interviewed Obama for nearly two hours last week, he was obviously doing his best to avoid insulting or provoking a man whom he had previously declared “unfit” and “uniquely unqualified” for the Presidency.


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