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You should listen to both either way.(for some reason it won't let me link anything but I did mean to link both songs and the textpost so know the thought was there)Enjoy : D Marinette and Adrien had been dating since high school. That would just take the cake.“He’s always leaving in the middle of the night,” Ladybug continued. ”Nino released his hold on Alya, but the girl only went to wrap herself protectively around Marinette. ” Adrien tried to protest, but Nino wasn’t hearing any of it.“Get the fuck out of my house, Agreste,” he growled, pushing the blond backwards. You can’t treat Mari like that and expect to get away with it.”Adrien couldn’t breathe. Was he really about to lose everything because he’d chosen a shitty way of phrasing his words?

en_US#na) [Help & Support]( [Report A Bug]( [Client Discussion]( [Boards Feedback]( **Culture** Here you’ll find all sorts of discussions related to playing League of Legends.Polar Saurus Rex Gamerscore 3715 (G Recreation Zone IG-Polar Saurus Re M Message Text i reported you for being so shit. read this" in a serious voice and I fucking snorted GOD DAMN ITI PUT THEIR FUCKING FOOD DOWN AND NO ONE WAS TALKING SO THIS LIL SHIT FUCKING EXCLAIMS "WELL IT LOOKS DELICIOUS" I LOVE THIS FUCKING KID We saw two hot guys at wing stop and like if I didn't have a boyfriend I would've jumped on that opportunity so damn hard but ya know.fuck off and play something else you cock juggler There's more, scroll across! (@Polar Saurus Rex) Memes, Opportunity, and Restaurant: friendly neighbourhoodpizzaman: friendly neighbourhoodpizzaman: Jesus fuck okay so I'm a waitress at this restaurant that's open really late and it's nearly 1am and this family comes in and I'm so tired that I handed their BLIND SON a menu and he's like "ah... Hey two guys if you're out there I would've dated you in a previous life ~Elon Memes, 🤖, and Vice: VICE @VICE Ecosexuals believe having sex with the Earth could save it bit.ly/2fu Ss GJ You're so white. Fuck is wrong with people lol • ➫➫ Follow @savagememesss for more posts daily Dumbledore, Slytherin, and Charming: SS A 40% GOD, DUMBLEDORE SSPEACHES ARE SOBORING I HEARD THAT MR. WHAT THE SHIT FUCK YOU MALFOY This is as funny as umbridge is charming.This includes topics on how the systems work, insight into why players were punished, and advice to help players improve moving forward.Facechecking the brush is dangerous, and so is facechecking the web.chat restriction doesn't do SHIT besides make you lose. Like really that is the point of limiting some ones chat. I don't get the point of some one reporting some one else for telling them they're bad. If they can't handle the truth they can mute some one. if they can't take the FUCKING truth then let me mute the person and live in their own little world.


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