Intimidating boy dog names

Click on any category and you will be taken to an entire list of names that falls within that category.

Take your time and have fun choosing the perfect name for your new puppy.

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It cannot be easy keeping those coats looking clean!

For example, if you need a name for your Labrador Retriever, you should know this is not only the most popular dog breed in the United States, it is a loyal, loving and strong-spirited dog.

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Names on the pages listed below are more specific to individual breeds, based on their personalities, physical characteristics, reputations, etc.

Giving your pet an exotic name would be a very good idea.

You will not find “Daisy”, “Buddy”, “Cuddles” or “Duke” in our list of exotic dog names, but you should find “Zagar”, “Jamiroquai”, or “Bjork”.

You can also take up foreign words with relevant translations.

Examples include “Brayden” (Celtic for “brave”), “Calyx” (Greek for “very handsome”), “Keiko” (Japanese for “blessing”), “Kismet” (Persian for “destiny”) or “Lakota” (Native American for “friend”).


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