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A law introduced in Paris on Monday requires all cars to have a sticker indicating which of six categories it fits into — indicating the year of the vehicle's registration, its energy efficiency, and its emission quantity.

Any diesel-run vehicle showing a 'Level 5' sticker on their windscreen, which indicates they were produced from 1997 to 2000, is not allowed on the road.

but the system was dropped after it cost a reported €4 million per day.

Asta după ce astăzi, tot la Parlament, a avut loc cea de-a patra reuniune a Comitetului Parlamentar de Asociere UE-RM.In Paris, the ban applies for all roads inside the A86 motorway, the second ring road around Paris, but not the A86 itself, and anyone caught driving one of these cars in Paris risks a minimum fine of €22.Agir sur les sources, c'est notamment inciter les automobilistes à changer de mode de #transports pr réduire le trafic automobile #Pollution Re NKq T — Anne Hidalgo (@Anne_Hidalgo) January 24, 2017Paris authorities have also urged commuters to take public transport if possible, and have offered a “pollution ticket”, rolled out on Monday, which costs €3.60 for a whole day of travel anywhere in Paris.The stickers replace the old system, #pollution Veillez à respecter les mesures applicables pour le 22/01, et pour la #circulation différenciée le 23/01 👉 K7w Qvd — Préfecture de police (@prefpolice) January 21, 2017A national campaign group representing motorists, called ‘40 million motorists’ (40 millions d'automobilistes) argued the measures only served to disadvantage poor drivers, who cannot afford to buy new vehicles. The pictures in our Ukraine Gallery establish that fact, but the problem for a lot of men interested in international dating is that, except for the profiles of the amazing ladies in the galleries they know absolutely nothing about Ukraine.To a lot of men the Ukraine appears to be some sort of a mythical paradise lost where all the women are ravishingly beautiful and the water tastes like wine. The Ukraine is a real country in Eastern Europe that for a variety of reasons is the red hot center of international dating.


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