Obsession danger signs in dating

In addition a dangerous man can have absolutely no intention of harming you physically, but in other ways be it emotionally, sexually or criminally.

Obsessive behavior from a boyfriend signals that you shouldn't be in the relationship.

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When I get into conversations about love, dating or romance, people want to know the red flags of trouble.

He’ll only listen to respond and will almost always turn it against you.5. Inserting “my" before your name or using certain nicknames in order to get on your softer side when you’re angry at him is a sign that he may be possessive. There’s an obvious reason why "pumpkin" and "pooh-bear" are kept under the bus.7. If he pries into your life beyond your comfort zone, then its time for the stop sign. Sometimes, you can’t help but look at the facebook page of someone you’re dating.

Knowing too much about you may give him an advantage to make it seem like he's meant for you.8. But if he mentions photos and videos you’ve posted years before, then he's gone in too deep.

You convince yourself that you’re misreading your partner’s intentions.

When emotions override reason you may find yourself sinking in a sea of tainted love.


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