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Brad Bell explained, "25% of our audience is international, and we love those fans ...I am working on how we are going to get it to them".creator/writers Jane Espenson and Brad Bell, as well as actors Sean Hemeon and Amy Acker to talk about their new home on CW Seed, passive-aggressiveness, and why Brady and Cheeks won’t be shopping for a crib anytime soon... People don’t walk up to you in the department store and say, “Hey, I think your lifestyle’s really gross! And I’m wondering…so many of us have the experience of falling in love with the gay boy, and then we find out that he’s gay and we have various reactions to that. We had a take, which I never liked that was much more pointed… We try to make our characters like each other and be positive and have the conflict come not because the person is bad… Espenson: But simply because there’s a conflict of interest.Do you think that working with CW Seed is going to affect the format of Brad Bell (Cheeks): No, in fact I know that it hasn’t because the episodes are done, so the answer is no. Bell: Well, we got a meeting with them because we had gotten wind that they were looking to acquire properties and content. ” I mean, you know, sure that happens but mostly the way that it happens is, you know, the father’s tugging on his kid’s arm and saying, “You don’t want to watch that.” It’s more subtle, to the side, behind closed doors behaviour. Are we going to get into that or is it more personal to her situation: 'I’m from the South and he left me pretty much at the altar and I’m going make his life hell'. Back on the subject of passive aggressiveness for a moment, this is a tool that a lot of gay men have used to deal with the bashing and the general prejudice and bigotry. And is part of his challenge to sort of work out of that with Brady because, you know, Brady isn’t that person. Espenson: I’m reminded of “Did you say wait, or fate? “Oh, I didn’t hear you.” And I didn’t like that because I don’t like that character type. Bell: Although I will say that, maybe when pushed, to make a point, Cheeks can be passive aggressive. But he will do his best, and then, at a certain point, he’s like, okay, we’re done now.After all, they were doing okay for those six weeks when they were dating…” Starring Bell, Sean Hemeon, and Alessandra Torresani, has seen guest-stars such as Nathan Fillion, Amber Heard, Felicia Day and Joss Whedon, among many others.Amy acker is already set to appear in the new season.

TSL has changed the landscape of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) life by providing thought-provoking content with substantial relevancy on various angles of discussion and advocacy.Whilst in a limousine, Haley conveys her surprise to what has happened with Cheeks and Brady.She also makes it apparent to them that they didn't review the whole situation.The two newlyweds are in the middle of packing for Los Angeles.Haley (Alessandra Torresani), Cheeks' best friend, gives a sudden entrance into the hotel room and starts raving on about last night's wedding escapade.Bell countered by offering the premise of young same-sex newlyweds, giving the concept a "fresher take" and turning it into a platform for his signature comedic style of societal observations.


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