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I have included it, because the field project it describes epitomizes our holistic approach to whale research.Read it in a few sittings, to savor it as a detective mystery, art history lesson, Arctic expedition, and human/whale interaction.They said: “We’re very sorry to confirm that some of our customers on a whale and dolphin watching excursion in St Vincent and the Grenadines witnessed a sad incident where two orcas were targeted by a local fishing boat,” said a spokeswoman.“While this distressing event was beyond our control, our excursion agents in the Grenadines are fully co-operating with the on-going investigation currently taking place with the Head of the National Trust and the Minister of the Environment.“This was our last planned stop at St Vincent and the Grenadines this season, and as a result of what happened and as we take an active approach to animal welfare, we are reviewing our excursions with the relevant authorities.”On St Vincent, the authorities say they are now planning to introduce new legislation to protect orca, although the island has a historic tradition of whaling, dating back to early Scottish settlers in the 1870s.Though not as flexible or agile as seals, cetaceans can swim very quickly, with the killer whale able to travel at 56 kilometres per hour (35 mph) in short bursts and the fin whale able to cruise at 48 kilometres per hour (30 mph).Dolphins are able to make very tight turns while swimming at high speeds.

One moment, the delighted wildlife spectators were being thrilled as the pod of four orca gambolled in the warm waters, breaching the surface with their distinctive dorsal fins.

Rauno Lauhakangas is interspecies Finnish representative. His beluga project on the White Sea is in its 10th year, and flourishes with support from several European government agencies.

In 2004, Rauno oversaw the construction of a shore-based whale-viewing center to promote eco-tourism on the White Sea, free of intrusive boat traffic.

When the potential of the new medium was first explained to his eight year old son, the boy immediately responded that the web should be used to save the whales.

That answer prompted Rauno to start The Whalewatching Web, to further his own premise that wherever whalewatching flourishes, whaling inevitably withers.


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