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This year is no exception.i Phone owners have taken to social media to complain about older hardware becoming slower following the move to i OS 10.

One user tweeted: "Since doing the i OS 10 update, my phone has been so damn slow!

When Apple releases a new version of i OS, owners of previous generation devices are always a tad hesitant to upgrade, worried that the added features will bog down their device and make it run slower than it originally did.

Normally I just manually install the map using Windows Explorer, but now even this is taking forever. There are tons of message boards about this with no solutions and the CS rep said just buy a new Tom Tom.Your Apple device will analyse your entire photo collection to try and categorise people by their faces.The new improved Photos app also has to crunch and scan your snaps to generate its new animated slideshows, dubbed Memories.As you can tell in the videos below, the device that appears to suffer the hardest hit in terms of performance is the i Phone 4S.That’s to be expected, however, seeing that it was released all the way back in 2011. If I simply rename the file to (no php code), update and save, I can sit there and refresh browser for 10-20 seconds before I see the update (the old file reloads until the new version appears). Mac Book Pro osx10.8.5 2.8 Core2Duo 8GB (yes, it's old) -- MAMP 2.2 using port 80 -- PHP 5.5.3 -- Same behavior in all browsers -- Same behavior without an internet connection, so I don't think it is some DNS lookup issue Since you're accessing the file via localhost, DNS shouldn't be an issue.


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