Yaya top model dating Chat srbija video

I think that people may interpret it in many different ways, I can’t forbid from forming their own thoughts on this. Also another thing, my pictures with Yaya in advertisements are all over the country.

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And along with the help of a special tutor, she became fluent.

Trouble coming in again for hottest leading actor “Nadech Kugimiya” who most recently has rumours suggesting that in fact he already has a real life sweetheart for quite a long time now…and only using his on-screen sweetheart “Yaya Urassaya” Better off not to take it too seriously, watch lakorns instead.

Honestly, there are a lot of people make false claims against me (laughs) claiming I’m their boyfriend.

Thank you for being concerned about me and following my work.

She’s not giving me anything more special, it’s for everyone on the set.


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